Sunrise Intentions

For almost a year, I have been watching sunrises. Waking in the quiet darkness, I move to the living room windows and watch the eastern sky. Some mornings I do yoga as I keep watch out the window. Other mornings, I just sit in peace and presence. I miss a few sunrises here and there when sleep is too sweet to interrupt or the nest inside the blankets is too warm to leave, but I miss more than the sunrise on those days. It is with the dawn that I set an intention to guide my words, actions and thoughts for the day. At this time, whether in yoga or in meditation or both, my body, mind and heart rise to greet the day. My daily intention emerges, like the sun, slowly and reliably from behind the veil of night, sometimes a surprise but always a gift.

As the winter solstice approached this year, I began writing down my intentions. I think that subconsciously I was hoping to hold the gifts of the sunrise a bit longer as each day got shorter. Alas, each morning I still seem to have to learn anew that the beauty of the sunrise doesn’t linger. It is leaving even as it arrives. Impermanence is hard to hold. For that reason, it has been an interesting challenge to attempt to put words to the intentions and capture the beauty of ephemeral sunrise in a photo. Neither words nor images capture it fully, but together they do offer a splash of light and beauty. Enjoy!

With this sunrise, I hold both the gifts and the challenges lightly, as the branches receive, hold and release the new snow.






With this sunrise, emptiness sits heavily next to the fullness. Today I will hold them both gently.


With this sunrise, heavy clouds linger above the silhouettes. I am reminded that the Universe is a continuum. Darkness and light are one and the same.



With this sunrise, my heart opens fully to give and receive abundant love.



With this sunrise, I welcome each new moment as it arises.





With this sunrise, the woodstove springs to life, a beacon to the coming light outside the window.



With this sunrise, I welcome the gifts of love and family that surround me.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I am honored to share time with you as you deepen your connection to the divine. It is a beauty to behold

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