With Organizations

I strive to help individuals and organizations cultivate healthy, responsible relationships with human and natural communities. — Mission at the top of my resume for 26 years

I have always worked in non-profit organizations. I am inspired by the non-profit commitment to mission and I am intrigued by the potential inherent in that commitment. We can accomplish incredible things when our work aligns with our values. In a non-profit organizations where financial and human resources are often stretched, it becomes crucial that all staff can maintain perspective on the value of their work and contributions amidst the pressures.

In both employment and consulting, I have helped organizations to reach  towards their potential by building strong relationships and collaborations among colleagues and with external stakeholders. In the space where active listening meets vulnerable exploration, a possibility can emerge that neither party could have foreseen. In a creative conversation, 1 plus 1 can equal three. (Just don’t mention it to your finance department!)

In cultivating partnerships, I listen carefully, ask questions, acknowledge needs and concerns, and pursue mutual benefit. Whether I am working with a Board of Directors, an administrative team or an entire staff, I seek to create a safe and creative environment for individuals and teams to realize their potential. I have collaborated with organizations to lead strategic visioning, implement action plans, design new programs, train staff and assess emerging needs.

Contact me to discuss your organization’s needs and hopes. I’ll look forward to talking with you about possible ways we might work together.