How I got here

When I think about the work environments that have led me here, I am overwhelmed by images. I have worked at the top of an alpine trail, in a windowless cubicle, in a basement office with a view of the parking lot, in a travel trailer with a peek-a-boo view of the dumpster, in a large closet with a window overlooking the waterfront… and more. These views fostered thinking, dreaming and creating but they also expanded the narrow scope of the day’s work to a broader horizon. In service to a variety of educational, environmental and human services missions, I honed my capacity to attend to the details of organizational work while maintaining an eye on the bigger picture.

I left full time employment and began consulting when it became clear that having a flexible schedule would allow me to better support my family. Stepping in closer to family relationships drew me into closer exploration of my own life’s journey and purpose. I pursued more focused, supported exploration during a two year interfaith ministry program with the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME). The program introduces the world’s wisdom traditions while encouraging and fostering personal spiritual development. While exploring my own life story and identifying my personal theology, I also developed skills and capacity for supporting others on their spiritual journeys.

Where I am now

I now work from home. My desk overlooks a back field where I note the changing seasons by the blooming and receding flora, the travels of the fauna, and the color of the sky. I also work from coffee shops and dining room tables, board rooms and libraries. Face to face and hand in hand, I am honored to support both individuals and organizations as they seek to recognize and meet their highest potential.