Without a Map: A Caregiver’s Journey through the Wilderness of Heart and Mind

From the Introduction

When I fell into step with my Dad’s journey with dementia, I did not have any idea where we were going, how we would get there, or what we would encounter. But we would travel together with attention to the moments that would arise along the way.

Dedicated to my family and to the grace that awakens in the heart of giving and receiving

Without a Map measures up to my sense of what makes a book not just
good but superb. In Lisa Steele-Maley’s graceful prose—which is a joy
to read—you see a fine mind and a loving heart at work. Her use of her
frequent forays into the wilderness as a metaphor for her journey with
her beloved father thru the thickets of Alzheimer’s disease gave me more
guidance than I received from learning science-based “tips, tricks, and
techniques” as I tried to accompany my mother on the same journey. And
the take-away lessons to be learned from this real-life story are
treasures in themselves. E.g., “Caring for, loving, and grieving for my
Dad has heightened my resolve to live a life of intention and
meaning”—the final lesson from a father who had already taught his
daughter well. I finished the book with a more understanding heart, more
courage (at age 80) to face into my own old age, and with a smile on my
face: While it's true that there is no map for the perplexing journey
with a loved one lost in Alzheimer’s disease, Lisa Steele-Maley in this
beautiful book has provided us with a metaphorical map that I found
profoundly inspiring and useful. I believe that you will, too.

Parker J. Palmer Author of On the Brink of Everything, Let your Life Speak and more December 6, 2019

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