Caring for one another and the world we live in is the most meaningful and important work I can imagine.

I offer my work in the world in service to the healthier, more sustainable, more productive, more joyful, interconnected lives we are here to live.

How I Got Here

I have always followed my heart. While the paths of the heart have not alway seemed reasonable or responsible at the outset, they have always been right. They have led me to amazing people and places while introducing me to worlds of thought and action beyond what I could ever have imagined. The twists and turns of my personal path have led to me to diverse opportunities to develop the skills and dispositions that I now lean on to support others.

My love of wild places inspired my work as a naturalist, environmental educator and trail crew leader.

Becoming a parent initiated my commitment to supporting life transitions as a birth and postpartum doula.

Raising children nurtured my resolve to contribute to just and humane lifestyles, schools and communities.

Working in non-profits of many sizes and shapes fostered my capacity to organize, strategize and collaborate to meet shared objectives.

Supporting my father in the last years of his life illuminated rich interconnected relationships and experiences and affirmed that I am meant to step in close with others.

Pursuing ordination as an interfaith chaplain helped me channel this understanding into service to individuals and communities.

Where I Am Now

My daily life is deeply intertwined with my family, our farm fields, and my local community. I live in an aging farmhouse on the coast of Maine with my husband, two teenage sons, a hearty garden, and a handful of animals. Tending my home place and the relationships closest to me is my primary work. I am also the Director of Programs at ChIME, a board member at Renewal in the Wilderness and a volunteer at Inn Along the Way. Finally, I am an author, interfaith chaplain, and consultant to non-profit organizations. As disparate as they may sound, these different roles often intermingle in the process of facilitating meaningful positive outcomes.

If you think I might be able to be of service to you, please reach out to start a conversation!