Arriving Here: Reflections from the Hearth and Trail

From the Back Cover

This beautiful and aching world is calling for each of us to claim our participation with open hearts, clear minds, and full intention.

 Arriving Here is a book for anyone seeking to make sense of their lived experience. In a series of essays that follow a season of reflection and two years dedicated to leaning into its teachings, Lisa Steele-Maley invites readers into the inner and outer work that has carried her to this particular moment—to here. It is a place of deep awareness, belonging, and continually renewed commitment to family, community, and the earth.

In the powerful tradition of Annie Dillard, John Muir, and Rachel Carson, yet with her own unique lyricism, Lisa offers us a precious and wise handbook of both companionship and connection....While this dear book is a treat to read at any time of year, it may be best to slow your reading down, to read only Lisa’s words that describe the current season, so specifically precious are her words of wisdom and companionship. Yet it does us immediate good to mouth and inhale her closing verse,“Consider the Raindrop.”

Jacob Watson author of Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit and Enso Morning: Daily Meditation Gifts November 27, 2020

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