Spring Poetry Series, 2


Look to the maple,

Her pale smooth bark covered in

Soft lime-green lichen

Branches end with a 

Splash of red. Fertility,

Signs of life to come

All this beauty, this

color. So generously

Hosted by this tree

Under a blue sky,

A bluer than bluest sky

I think I feel joy

Is it mine or hers?

This tree with arms open wide

Or me, heart gaping?

This is agape

Living reciprocity

The only way, perhaps.

2 Replies to “Spring Poetry Series, 2”

  1. This reminds me to Stop! And “smell the roses”. There is so much going on around me. I make the list of things to do, my calendar is full. I feel overwhelmed. I need to put maple tree flowers on that list. Notice. Root myself. And feel Spring’s energy.

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