Late Summer Morning – A Haiku Series

6 am

A soft mist is rising

To meet the warmth of the sun

As my feet sprout roots,

Reaching down beyond

Twig, acorn, grass and soil

In a morning prayer.


8 am

This melon sweetness

Startles and soothes every sense,

Instigates delight.

I want to linger

In this joy… May I? Should I?

Yes ~ In thanksgiving.


10 am

I tend the garden

As a breeze begins to blow

Change is coming in.

The air is cooler

And full of dragonflies, sign

Of transformation.


12 noon

Teenagers wake up

To eat both breakfast and lunch,

Looking at the news.

The too familiar 

Stories of fear and violence

Spark conversation.

Yet still, their blue eyes

sparkle like dragonfly wings,

Light and love in flight.