It Has Arrived!

My new book Arriving Here: Reflections from the Hearth and Trail is now available. Order a copy at your local bookstore, at Amazon, or by contacting me!

Arriving Here is a personal story of finding my way, finding my purpose, and living into the responsibility of honoring it. Arriving Here is also a universal story of searching for belonging and meaning, connection and value. In sharing my own journey, I hope to illuminate our collective story, a story that requires each one of us to claim our participation in this broken and beautiful world with attention and intention.

What others are saying:

In the powerful tradition of Annie Dillard, John Muir, and Rachel Carson, yet with her own unique lyricism, Lisa offers us a precious and wise handbook of both companionship and connection….

—Jacob Watson, author of Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit and Enso Morning: Daily Meditation Gifts

Adopting an ageless pattern as a lens to make sense of her life, Lisa makes the subtle explicit and the mundane sacred….This book will warm hearts, ground us in gratitude, and raise our sense of responsibility.

—Robert Atkinson, Ph.D., author of Mystic Journey and The Story of Our Time

Being human is to live out variations on a theme, or a collection of themes….We seek to craft, from the twinkles of insight along the way, a coherent constellation of purpose. That’s what Lisa Steele-Maley has accomplished in Arriving Here.

—Aram Mitchell, Executive Director of Renewal in the Wilderness

Writing and publishing this book has been a journey of its own, bringing further clarity, strength, and purpose to my days. And, still, I have more questions than I have answers and more curiosity than decision. May it always be so.

Arriving Here: Reflections from the Hearth and Trail will be a wonderful companion for the nesting, daydreaming winter months ahead and a perfect gift for the seeker in your life. Learn more and order your copy(ies) at your local bookstore, at Amazon, or by contacting me!