It Did Not Linger

The rain is turning the snow and ice to mashed potatoes today but our little corner of the planet was ice-covered and sparkly all weekend. Ice coated every nook and cranny of every surface — and the full moon and clear sunny skies illuminated it all day and night. Words and images can’t capture the incredible beauty, but I have to try anyway.

Waking at sunrise

After two days of stormy weather,

I delight to find an

Ice covered landscape.

With tips of light on every branch,

The trees seems frozen in wonder

And so am I.

I sense the pleasure of the trees,

adorned in frozen water.

They seem to radiate light,

cloaked in the very gifts

that sustain their lives,

Water and light.

I stand in awe at

This magical gift, this mystery.

I am witness to

a timeless beauty

That will not linger.

I rush to capture the beauty,

of how the light and water

marry to these earthly beings.

My eyes are not enough.

I want photos and words,

I want to document this glory

And share my delight.

But the glimmering light

refuses my efforts,

urges me to simply gaze.

It reminds me to enjoy,

Reminds me not to be greedy.

There is no container

for this awe.

I can simply

and only

Rest in it.


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