I Am Paying Attention

The sun remains below the horizon

while increasing light is chasing the shadows.

Reaching up from the horizon,

Blazing orange, peach, yellow and grey

Stretch into pale blue.

A whisper of cloud

hangs just above the trees.

The new snow grew heavy 

in yesterday’s warmth.

I suspect it is crusty now.

As the day grows, it will melt

or it will freeze.

In this moment, 

I can’t know.


I can pay attention.


The mood is cautious and concerned

as rapid change impacts lives near and far.

Anticipation, fear, worry, and discomfort

gather on the horizon

while losses begin to arrive.

From under the weight of

lost lives and livelihoods,

lost dreams and security,

a new way of living will emerge.

Or not.

In this moment,

I can’t know.


I can pay attention.


The birds are arriving at the feeder

and singing louder than the hum of the heat pump.

Chickadees, doves, cardinals and finches

convene for breakfast.

Their presence calls me to remember,

to welcome the new day with 

energy and curiosity.

As the day grows,

new opportunities will arrive

or not.

I can’t know.


I am paying attention.

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