Beltane Brilliance

dew on grassLast weekend, we celebrated Beltane, the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. A phoebe outside the window has been trying to wake me up earlier and earlier the last few days.

Today, I responded to the invitation to rise earlier. Stepping into the glistening world, I was brought to tears by the brilliance of the sun reflecting on and through drops of moisture on each blade of grass. Everywhere I looked, life teemed with freshness, possibility, and newness ~ and I recognized myself as an undeniable part of this whole. The recognition arises in my body and my heart – a knowing beyond language or belief. I am invited. Indeed, my full participation is required in the rising evolving Creation, holy one and sacred all.

On each blade of grass

Drops of life light converge

As a new day dawns

Each dew drop calls out

“You belong. Welcome back home.

You are one of us.”

As I fall into

their glistening liquid spell

I re-member truth.

I am Creation

Light and Life, Singular and

Collective, whole and complete

Born anew each day.

dew on grass

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