Arriving Here is Taking Flight

This beautiful review from Reader Views assures me that Arriving Here is not only taking flight, it is serving its purpose. Reviewer Paige Lovitt writes, “This is a beautifully written book in which the author uses her gift for writing to celebrate her spiritual connections to nature and her family. As I read her exquisite writings, I could feel my blood pressure dropping and my muscles loosening where they had been tense from dealing with my mundane world.  By sharing her stories, the author inspired me and I felt a yearning to return…”

Read the whole review here:

“Arriving Here” by Lisa Steele-Maley

In March, I am inviting readers into conversation during a series of Book Launch/Lunch events hosted by Inn Along the Way.

During the Book Launch/Lunch series, I will share how and why I wrote this book and describe the insights and practices that guided each section. As I read excerpts from each section and invite participants into conversation, attendees will have an opportunity to begin to reflect on and reclaim the meaning in their own lives.

Bring a bag lunch and join us online for one session or all three.

Seeking — March 10, 12-1pm

Remembering – March 17, 12-1pm

Deepening – March 24, 12-1pm

Since this book launch is virtual, attendance is not limited by space or distance. Please join us if you can. Register here.

If you have any questions, email Sherry.