How I got here

In work and personal situations, I have always been the facilitator behind the scenes. I have shared my talents by quietly laying the groundwork, building the frameworks and forging the relationships that allowed others to share their talents. Growing up, this allowed me (happily) to stay off the radar screen. As an adult this non-obtrusive way of shaping conversation and situations has  been very useful and productive in responsibilities as disparate as program development, parenting, and caregiving.

Not long ago, though, I realized that I had a story that needed to be told. The prospect of not sharing what I knew and believed became more unnerving than the prospect of being at the center of attention for a few moments. I got some support, faced my fear, honed my message and practiced. And I found that people were eager for my sharing because, in reality, my story is a universal story. In hearing it, others are invited to recognize and embrace the commonality in their own particular experiences. The more we share, the more we recognize that we are in this together.

Our collective future depends on our ability to recognize our shared humanity and our interdependence with all life on this planet.

Where I am now

I still enjoy being behind the scenes. I also value opportunities to gather individuals together to share experiences, concerns, hopes and visions. Whether gathering for  conversation or an experience, I am grateful for the myriad ways in which my relationships blossom, expand and deepen with every new venture.